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Cultural Council Survey


The WEston Cultural Council is soliciting input and feedback

to inform their future priorities and funding choices

Election Workers are Needed for Upcoming Elections

September 6th (State Primary) and November 8th (State Election).

Election workers are responsible for; checking in registered voters, answering general questions, and working with the voters during check-out after the ballot has been submitted.

Please call Town Clerk Deborah Davenport at 781-786-5015 or email at davenport.d@westonma.gov if you are interested.

Be a Water Saver

Kortni’s water slide 2

The local Leagues of

Acton Area • Arlington • Bedford • Belmont • Boston-Cambridge • Brookline • Chelmsford • Concord-Carlisle • Harvard • Lexington • Newton • Sudbury • Waltham • Watertown • Wayland • Wellesley • Weston

are co-sponsoring the…

Democratic Primary 2022 Candidate Forum for

Governor’s Council District 3 Councilor

Tuesday, August 30, 2022, 4:00 pm

This is being recorded by NewTV.org.  The recording will be made available by August 31st through Local Cable TV Stations and LWV Websites.

Marilyn Petitto Devaney Mara Dolan

Candidates: Vote for one to become the Democratic candidate for Governor’s Councilor. The eight-member Governor’s Council (also known as the Executive Council) provides advice and consent on gubernatorial appointments, pardons and commutations, and warrants for the state treasury. Term of office is two years.

Forum Format: After opening statements from the candidates, a League Moderator will ask the candidates your questions, followed by closing statements.

Submit questions by email:  GCd3questions@gmail.com

Questions should be relevant to both candidates and to current issues.  Due to limited time, questions will be screened to ensure that a wide range of topics will be covered.  Questions will be submitted before the forum.

Who can vote in the Primary?  All Democrats and unenrolled (unaffiliated) registered voters may vote in this primary.  There is no Republican primary for this office.

Primary dates:

  • Primary Election Day: Tuesday, September 6, 2022, polls open 7 am to 8 pm
  • Deadline to register to vote or change party affiliation for this primary: Saturday, August 27
  • Vote by Mail: Apply for a mail-in ballot by August 29, 5 pm
  • Early Vote in Person: Sat Aug 27 – Friday Sept 2 (hours and locations determined locally)
  • Be an informed voter! Visit the LWV Voter guide for information on all candidates at Vote411.org

Protect Yourself from

Mosquitoes can spread diseases that
make you very sick.
• Take steps to prevent mosquito bites.

Weston Owl

Watching Weston

Luckily for us Westonians, it looks like the Owl is on the Prowl. Sharing the what’s what and who’s whooo!

Special Town Meeting

Sept 13, 2022

Special Town Meeting

Sept 13 2022

Special Town Meeting

Sept 13, 2020

Town Hall Summer Hours

June 6 – Sept 2


Mon-Thurs 8am – 5pm

Friday 8am – 1:30pm

Water Restrictions

Water Saving Tips

Weston Police Department
Public – Advisory

A Permit is required by the Town of Weston for door to door solicitors

There have been reports of “contractors,” traditionally of Irish decent, claiming to do work
– usually masonry or driveway sealing.
They will ask for cash, begin work on the property and then abruptly leave, often times
causing damage to the property.
We ask that if you are approached by such individuals please don’t hesitate to give the
Weston Police Department a call 781-786-6200
Do not provide any money unless completely satisfied as to the legitimacy of the company.

OCTOBER 15, 2022
10:00 A.M.

Wellesley Weston Lifetime Learning 
Learn! Engage! Interact! Enjoy!
Fall 2022 Classes             Monday Mornings
September 12-November 28, 2022
(no class: September 26 and October 10)

10 – 11 am

Lecturers on Diverse Topics

Poetry for the People

The Silk Road

Wollen Sie Deutsch Sprechen

11:30 – 12:30 pm

Bright Moments of Jazz & Rock

Discovering the Cosmos

Writing Your Story

Contemporary American Society

Through a Cinematic Lens

Stories of Conflict as Seen

Through a Narrator’s Lens


Cost: $25 regardless of the number of courses taken

Further details and registration information:

Stay connected!