Connecting Our Community

About Us

Mission Statement

Weston Media Center is a non-profit public access community organization dedicated to connecting town residents to their community. Our mission is to provide informative, educational, and entertaining content via our cable television, streaming services, and social media platforms.

Vision Statement

It is our vision to be the multi-media hub of Weston. We will offer a space for residents to explore their creativity through audio and video technology. We want to foster an environment which encourages community involvement in several aspects of our operation, such as producing original content, volunteer opportunities, and internship programs.

Meet Our Team

Nathan Suher, Executive Director

Nathan has been employed with the Weston Media Center since 2013 when he started out as the Technical Director. Over his years of service he has worked endlessly in helping improve the quality of our programming. Nathan has worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years as a professional filmmaker, event videographer, and director of commercial and corporate videos.

Alanna Muldoon

Since joining Weston Media in January 2010 Alanna has been assisting in a multitude of ways in creating and maintaining this valuable town resource.

Jim Tremble, Regional Communications Technician

Jim Tremble is one of our most treasured staff members. Jim commits himself to filming countless government meetings!

Joey Haskins, Part-time Producer

Creator of “You’ve Never Seen”

Contact us about how you can become part of the Weston Media Center team. We are always looking for people interested in becoming a part of our team as a story producer, volunteer, or intern.

Board Members


Nicole Mordecai

Nicole Mordecai is a photographer based in Weston, MA. She creates art photography including images of reflections and nature. She often uses special effects to create otherworldly images. In addition to art photography, Nicole works with clients to document community events, create images for their online presence, or capture candid family, pet, and sports photos. She teaches basic photography skills, tabletop studio photography, photo editing, and creative iPhone photography. For more details, visit her website at Prior to taking up photography, Nicole had a long career in the software industry and was awarded 7 US patents.


Joel Angiolillo, Treasurer

Joel joined the Weston Media Center (WMC) board in 2017. He learned about, and became interested in, the WMC as a member of three related committees and boards: the Weston Public Library (WPL) Board of Trustees, which first mapped out the relationship between the WMC and the WPL in 2014; the Weston Art and Innovation Center (AIC), an initiative of the Weston Public Library and “landlord” of the WMC; and the Cable Advisory Committee which has oversight for Weston’s contracts with the cable companies, the source of revenue for the WMC. All four groups have a common goal: Helping residents build an active, engaged, and informed Weston.

David Sabot

David joined the Weston Media Center Board in 2018. David started as an intern while in high school in 2015, and eventually worked his way to becoming a producer. Spending summers working at the Weston Media Center was such a positive and informative experience, that once David left for College he wanted to remain involved. The Board gives him the opportunity to give back and ensure that others in Weston also have access to this great community resource.

Outside of the Weston Media Center, David is an active filmmaker, working on projects for Netflix and Apple TV as well as pursuing personal projects.

David has been pursuing a BA in film at Emerson College and Harvard College. He has lived in Weston since he was born and attended The Cambridge School of Weston.

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