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Back to the Frame Rate

In the vast realm of film rankings – AFI’s 100, Sight & Sound’s Greats, 1001 To See Before You Die, IMDB’s Top 250, Roger Ebert’s Picks, and so on – there’s a glaring omission: STAKES! Picture this: an asteroid the size of Texas hurtling toward Earth, a threat even Bruce Willis and his motley crew of oil drillers can’t thwart. We’re left with a front-row seat to our impending doom. Fear not, fellow film nerds, for we’ve constructed a fallout shelter, a haven for cinematic survival. Sadly, the space is tight, just enough for us and our cherished 35mm & 70mm film reels. To friends, family, and old acquaintances left in the cinematic dust, our apologies. But fret not, for we vow to emerge when Earth is safe for repopulation. We’ve preserved the very soul of civilization, ensuring a future where storytelling thrives. Back to the Frame Rate, saving the world one reel at a time! 🎥✨ Hosted by Nathan Suher, Sam Coale, and Briana (Bee) Butterworth.

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